DATE: Wed, 04/30/2014

LOCATION: Richville Pond

Members have voted and paddles will be held on Wednesday Nights for the 2014 season. Please look over the information at the top of the MPC page to see what we require and expect of each participant. Early season paddling can still be questionable so make sure to dress appropriately as water temps are hovering in the low 40's.
This is a great paddle in early spring when the aquatic vegetation is low, later in the summer it can be difficult to paddle through. This is a VT fish and wildlife parking area and large enough for a dozen or so cars.

DATE: Thu, 10/10/2013

LOCATION: Ferrisburgh Town Beach- Lake Champlain

Not sure how many more paddles the club has but lets take advantage of the great weather this week with a paddle on Lake Champlain. If the winds cooperate we will be paddling south out of the bay and heading down the shore on the VT side. Please bring a headlamp or flashlight as most take outs are in the dark.

DATE: Thu, 10/03/2013

LOCATION: Lake Dunmore - West Shore Road

Take advantage of this amazing fall weather and join us for a paddle on Lake Dunmore.

DATE: Thu, 09/26/2013

LOCATION: Button Bay F&W Launch, Lake Champlain

This will be a paddle around Button Island and headed north towards Basin Harbor. Please pack a headlamp and some warm clothes for after the paddle. We will try and launch as close to 6PM and will most likely taking out in the dark.

DATE: Thu, 09/19/2013

LOCATION: Ferrisburgh Town Beach- Lake Champlain

This will be a paddle on Lake Champlain, from now till the end of the MPC season please pack the following items.
Dry Bag, Headlamp or Flashlight, a change of clothes. Evening temps are beginning to drop so please come prepared, we will try and launch as close to 6PM as possible and usually end up taking out between 8:30-9PM in the dark.