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Green Mountain Hiking Day

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Hiking in the Green Mountains on ones own can be great, but there can be great benefits in hiring a guide for the day. A guide can help interpret your surroundings and make a day of hiking an even richer experience by helping you understand the forces at work here. If you are unsure about the terrain or are looking to push yourself with regards to your hiking potential or your fear of heights, a guide can be of great value in these areas as well. Having a guide for the day also means that they can impart local knowledge about the best places to eat, what times of year to visit in th future, and suggest other unique activities to be had while staying here.

Round Trip from store = 3 - 4 Hours,

  • $150 (1 or 2 people),
  • $40 each additional person

What to Bring

Footwear: closed toe shoes-(running shoes are sufficient), comfortable clothing: recommended-(nylon shorts, pants & shirts) they dry fast and do not wick warmth away from the body like cotton, warmer layers: long underwear, windbreakers, fleece, food and water (snack foods & at least 1 water bottle per person), sunscreen and a sun hat

General Conditions

50% deposit is required to book a guided trip

Cancellations 14 Days or more prior to Trip = Full Refund

Cancellations 13 days or fewer = Deposit will be kept for booking of a future trip

Call the store at 802-388-7245 or email to book your Guided Trip